Each family is different and unique. Easily craft the solution that fits your family.

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Family Subscription

  • Screen Time Control
  • Internet Filtering
  • Tasks & Chores
  • Kudos/Rewards
  • Connected Partners
  • Powerful Reporting
  • Manage up to 3 children
  • Control up to 5 devices *


* Control/Filter devices that can install the Kudoso App.
iOS/Android and Mac/Windows devices

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Family Expansion Pack

Have more than 3 kids and/or 5 devices? Add as many family packs as you need for your family.

  • Add 2 more children
  • Add 4 more devices *

Maximize the power of Kudoso by adding these...

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Kudoso Plug

Control Screen Time on devices like your TV, Wii, Xbox, DVR, AppleTV, Roku, and more.


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Kudoso Router

Internet Filtering for every device that comes into your home, even the devices not on your plan.


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Starter Kit

You save $30 when you buy a plug and router together!
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SAVE $30!