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Kudoso’s mission is to equip parents to control the influence of technology on their children through mutual cooperation and positive reinforcement of family values and life skills.


Kudoso provides the most comprehensive screen time management and parental control solution available. Kudoso enforces Positive Parental Controls on iOS, Android, and Amazon mobile devices, Apple and Microsoft based computers, and by leveraging the Kudoso Plug and Kudoso Router, on televisions, game consoles, and other consumer electronic devices.

Kudoso was born in 2012 when co-founder Robert Irizarry walked in on his children glued to devices on a beautiful summer day in Montana and he pulled the plug to the household WiFi. He then imagined a world where a single device could filter and limit internet access for his entire home. He dreamed of a solution where children could earn a virtual currency and buy more internet time while being encouraged to explore, learn and grow. Rob built a simple prototype and connected with friend, co-founder, and serial entreprenuer Michael Kazmier and Kudoso went from dream to reality.

Kudoso started as a Kickstarter campaign in 2013 for what is now known as the Kudoso Router. While that crowdfunding effort was unsuccessful, the feedback from the participants proved invaluable as the company changed its focus from only providing internet filtering to delivering a comprehensive set of parental controls. Leveraging over 15 years of entrepreneurial success Mike Kazmier assembled a world-class team of software and hardware engineers in beautiful Kalispell, Montana just outside of Glacier National Park.

The company and all its stakeholders share a passion to help families become stronger and build healthier, well equipped children. Following this common bond, the company spent 3 years developing its comprehensive solution and publicly launched in December 2016. The company is privately owned and funded.


  • Set ONE screen time limit per child and have it enforced on ALL devices
  • Enforce screen time on Televisions, Game Consoles, and other Consumer Electronics
  • Kudoso features a Kudos, a virtual currency children earn and can use for more screen time or exchange for real items like allowance
  • Children learn life skills and are empowered to manage their screen time
  • Kudoso is a virtually unlimited platform, connecting to 3rd parties we call Connected Partners to extend functionality

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