Kudoso helps you teach your kids about work ethic, responsibility, time management and priorities. You can even create your own incentive and rewards charts!

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Help your kids stay on task

See what Tasks your kids have done for the day and what they have yet to do. Mark tasks as "Required" and your kids will have to complete them before Kudoso will allow screen time!

Easy to Add/Change Tasks!

Parents can instantly assign Kudoso Tasks with a single click from a prepopulated list of age-appropriate chores we've gathered from experts in child development.

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Connected Partners

Kudoso has partnered with FitBit, DIY.org and Khan Academy to help you motivate your kids to achieve even more!

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Earn Kudos/Rewards

Your child earns Kudos for every task they complete which they can redeem for rewards or more screen time...if you want :)

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More than Chores

Add enrichment activities to your kid's Task list such as "read for 30 minutes" or "math on Khan Academy".