Internet Filter

Kudoso’s real-time internet filter protects your kids from unsavory content on the web and allows you to manage what apps they can access.

Avatar filtering

Customize Filtering Levels

Use our simple internet filter presets for each child or completely customize the filtering you feel your children need. You can customize your filtering by allowing or blocking any website based on its URL, category, or a certain keyword.

Reports & History

Kudoso allows you to see what your kids are viewing online and also what they are trying to view...

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Filter Apps

Customize which apps each of your children are allowed to use. You can allow, manage, or block any app.

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Whole Home Filtering

Filter the internet content for every device in your home, even those that friends and family bring with them.

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Kudoso Safe Browser

Stop worrying about what your kids are viewing online. Kids access the Kudoso Safe Browser from their dashboard which is filtered using your preset filtering levels.