Screen Time

Kudoso provides the most comprehensive screen time app and management system available.

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One Screen Time Limit.
Many Devices.

Kids get to select the device they would like to use - if they have screen time left for the day, Kudoso grants them access to that screen. Easy. Kudoso manages the time for you.

Add your TV, game console, and more!

With the WIFI-enabled Smart Plug, you have control over devices you couldn't regulate before.

Learn more about the Smart Plug

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Set Blackout Time

Don't want your kids on their devices or watching TV when they should be at school or getting ready for bed? Kudoso allows you to set blackout times!

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Don't be the Bad Guy

Let Kudoso be a video game timer for you! No more yelling downstairs for the kids to shut off the Playstation® or XBox®.

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Screen Time Countdown

Your kids will be able to see how much time they have used on the screens and how much time they have left. The app will make sure they don’t go over!