Resources for the Intentional Parent

Twas the night before a Technology Christmas

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the living room
Not a drone was a buzzing nor little cars going zoom
The presents were all wrapped under the tree with such glitz
The house was a stirring, waiting just for St. Nick

The iPad, it glowed, as the Smart TV streamed
Our favorite holiday movies, with cocoa and whipped cream!
Mom on her smart phone and I on Netflix
Had just “zoned out”, oblivious to the kids’ tricks

They snuck under the tree and peeked at their games,
The gadgets, the inventions, the deals we parents claimed
With a tech trinket in one box, an auto vac in another
Christmas for mom and dad was full of more clutter

But what could those “things” do to help out the kids?
Add distance? Less chatter? Or always open eyelids?
A solution mom and dad needed, one that could outsmart
A solution that can keep tech at bay while they were apart

What a special time of year, yet the connections they dwindled
Not that of the Wi-Fi, which is always enabled
What used to be a house filled with laughter and hugs
Has now turned quiet, such dreary and ugh

But alas, there was a solution in sight
Mom and dad just had to look for that hope in the light
It was a light from the router of the Kudoso system they bought
One that came with easy set up, and tech addiction it fought

So give those tech gifts this Christmas, no worry
Kudoso has you covered, even with gifts in a flurry
With a quick and easy setup, your whole house it will cover
Tablets, TVs, and smart phones to discover

Game consoles, no problem, Kudoso has your back
When you can’t be there, the power it can lack
Turn off automatically? Why yes, with delight!
No more argue, or holler…just bub-bye to the light

Better yet, the chores, they will get done in a flash
As kids earn their Kudos by taking out the trash
Connections they will get stronger, and responsibilities they will share
As the bond of our family gets stronger with care

Don’t wait, the time to invest in your family is in just a bit
Before the gifts are given and the and the kids throw a fit
Start the New Year off on the right foot this mom said
And the thank yous aplenty will sure be ahead

Merry Christmas to all of our intentional parents in the know from our Kudoso Families to yours. We look forward to being part of your technology solution in the New Year.