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Today's Families need a Digital Accountability Contract

Today, one of the best tools for keeping your kids safe is communication. When we launch our Kudoso product in early 2016, we will be offering you cutting edge filtering, monitoring and reporting which will be a great tool. But don’t wait for us, you should start keeping your family safe now…as while Kudoso is going to change the way families keep tech in check, it will always start and end with YOU, the parents. So let’s talk about what you can do NOW to get your family on track to keep tech in check.

Start by setting up clear expectations and boundaries for your children. Make sure they understand how your family’s values translate into the digital world as well as giving them a real world example of agreements/contracts, rewards/privileges and consequences should the step outside of your set and agreed upon boundaries.

A great way to kick off this communication is by entering into a digital agreement with your child. This should be something you do together, as it will open up many opportunities for conversations regarding the dangers of CyberSpace as well as give them something to refer back to and see long after your initial conversation is done.

These digital agreements are not difficult, and can vary based on how in depth or simple you want to go (mostly based on your child’s maturity and comprehension) as well as age group and current digital consumption patterns. While setting a new tone is a good thing, the agreement needs to make room for mistakes and growth in learning opportunities as children will all at one point have your rules tested and while we hope they all make the right decision every time, it is not very realistic expectation.

So, to get your family started off on the right foot…we here at Kudoso have compiled a list of some of our favorite family digital contracts. We know that parents are busy, and this is an important step in keeping tech in check and setting up foundations in which to build on. So, with your time in mind, we found agreements that work for you FAST. Allowing you to take the time to have conversations with your kids, and we will save you the time of having to track down the right form. Digital contracts are not all “one size fits every family”…here are links to our favorite digital agreements from other Digital Safety Experts, just like us!

Remember, there is no day like today to move your family along the path to better tech safety practices.

Quick and Simple:

These agreements are less customized and offer you the option to print, discuss, sign and be done.

Yahoo Safety and FOSI:

Yoursphere: a McAfee Entity:

Age Specific:

These agreements are age specific and will allow you to quickly set up standards that are “typical” for children in their age range.

Common Sense Media (contract by age): -

McGruff The Crime Dog’s Internet Safety Pledge (kids under 8):

Still not finding one that fits your needs for your child? You can access many more agreements and contracts at:

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