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The Threat is REAL!

Did you know that our kids are more at risk online than they have ever been? According to the Family Online Safety Institute, only 37% of parents think their children are “very safe” online ( While parents can all agree technology is a necessity in raising kids who can navigate the world successfully, keeping them safe is a challenge all in itself. Online predators and threats are on the rise and constantly in flux, making your job of monitoring technology usage next to impossible as a parent. So how big is this issue?

Here are some more startling statistics that you might not be aware of:

  • According to Intel Security, a branch of McAfee, 27% of preteens and teens said they would meet someone in person that they first met online in the real world ( That is one out of every four children who say they would meet a stranger!

  • Just over half (53%) of parents say they have used parental controls to prevent their child from having access to certain types of online content ( It concerns me that my kids may have friends that have no parental controls in place.

  • One in five U.S. teenagers who regularly log on to the Internet say they have received an unwanted sexual solicitation, but only about 25% tell a parent or adult about it. (Crimes Against Children Research Center, Copyright 2013)

October is National Cyber Security Month, and we at Kudoso want to take the time to check in with you, our Kudoso parents in the know. We want to keep you up to date on the latest trends and statistics and help you start implementing ways to keep your family safe now in a digital world while our Kudoso Whole Home Solution is making its way to market (available to the public in early 2016).

So what can parents do about these Cyber Security challenges?

Communication is key. Informing our children of the possible outcomes of putting themselves at risk is not enough. We need to lay a foundation early. We need to teach our kids that with the power of technology comes responsibility and a sense of duty to their family and to their own moral compass. Our teen children often feel that they are invincible and can struggle to believe the dangers on the internet are real, so while the conversation is better late than never, the earlier the conversation happens, the more effective it will be in keeping your kids safe.

At Kudoso, we want to help you keep your child from being a target. We want to protect your child from being exposed to things that don’t fit within your family’s values. We, as parents ourselves, want to help you be empowered to monitor and set the tone for healthy online interaction for your kids and with your kids.

For 5 actionable tips you can implement TODAY to keep your kids safe, visit: and be sure to share Kudoso with other parents you know so we can start to build a community of cyber safe kids starting with you!

Check back regularly and stay connected to the Kudoso community. We will keep you informed about the most important tech influences your kids face on a daily basis, and we will give you lots of real-world tips and tricks to help you keep technology a positive tool in your family.