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Screen Time matters on more than mobile!

When my 16-year & 14-year-old old sons were babies, letting them watch TV came naturally because they didn’t have the smartphone and tablets we do now. The entry of Tablets and Smartphones into the picture made things at home even more interesting. All my kids caught their father’s flu and fully adapted to a world of shiny mobile gadgets. They are constantly reminding me about the launch of a new game or device. But despite this newfound love of their iPad, the television (and subsequently the Playstation) still devours just as much time as it did BEFORE the introduction of mobile devices, the problem is just worst now!

I must be a bad parent ☹ Associations such as the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) have stuck to their guns: children below the age of two shouldn’t be allowed to waste too much time on these screens. They say that spending a lot of time in front of the TV or any other screen in the form of entertainment will slow their language development, disrupt normal sleep patterns, occasion attention disorders and increase aggressive behavior. Hmmm, seems to explain a few things around our house ;) Just kidding, my kids are pretty awesome. Obesity is a major issue today (thankfully we are not there yet!) and AAP has also aired its concern that among school age and preschool children, weight gain will continue being an issue if they continue spending more time with tech devices. I can see it. I am overly concerned as a parent and my kids STILL spend hours on their devices EVERY DAY!!!!

So what’s a parent to do?!?!? This is the current culture of our children. Yanking the gadgets out of their hands might never happen, more like trying to pluck a tooth from a killer whale.

Nonetheless, no parent wants his children addicted to the screen or be engrossed in lots of TV and mobile device usage. I wouldn’t like my kids to forget about this hot star that rises and sets everyday and defines our time, seasons and crop growth (in Montana, we still grow crops). They must learn to grow even with their gadgets just like we did with LEGO and cardboard games back in the day; we never missed a chance to bask for a UV tan in summer.

As such I’m with most discerning parents in this; I need a SINGLE solution to manage all my devices, not just an app for my iPhone. Why is this so hard to understand? Why do all the solutions out there just seem to be for iOS or Android, and not both? What about my television? Seriously! Is anyone else frustrated? I don’t want to have 5 different solutions to manage screen time in my house. Are you with me????

I have keenly observed that any time I deny my children the chance to any of these devices at home they end up visiting their friends in our neighborhood or school where they accomplish their desires with God knows what. I don’t want that – I don't want to be the bad guy any more!

The intentional parent knows that comprehensive screen time management is a must at home – all devices matter, not just mobile. It gives me the chance to know what they are playing with and preventing them from harm that lays in wait online like a deer hunter.

There are many solutions parents can try out to manage all these devices. Personally, I thought they all STUNK so that's why I joined Kudoso: to develop ONE SIMPLE SOLUTION which allows me to control screen time in virtually every device around the home from game consoles, television, desktops and laptops to mobile devices such as Tablets and Smartphones.

Now I allow my kids to have a managed interaction with any of the devices they decide to play with at home. My advice is that any parental control solution needs to be simple and easy to use in terms of its interface. Sure, I write software and program routers, but most parents don't! Kudoso makes limiting of screen time on a daily basis across every electronic device as simple as dismissing an annoying alarm clock - a simple single click.

A modern parental control solution must have great customization and features for the more powerful users (come on geeks of the world, unite with me!) to block screen time; with Kudoso this can be per the time of the day, device or even activity. You definitely don’t want your kids to miss their homework, sleep late or spend too much time on the devices! Such customization, especially in Kudoso, even allow you to set time for them to leave their tech devices and get out there to interact with other kids and observe nature as it invigorates a thirst for those things NOT digital.

A parental control management system should not just monitor devices. Ensure the one you use avails effective reports, which Kudoso does remarkably, showing the activity of your children in real-time, including the ability to approve and create screen time countermands in a dynamic way.

Imagine the power to control how tech devices of all kinds, mobile and your consumer electronics! Imagine knowing how they are used in your home and knowing that Kudoso is managing the time spent on them so you don't have to! Kudoso makes me feel like the real Big Brother, watching the affairs of men without being seen. Because, screen time DOES matter on more than mobile in my house!