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More Realistic “Screen Time” Guidelines

The American Academy of Pediatrics Provides Parents with More Realistic “Screen Time” Guidelines.

As parents in an increasingly technology-connected world, we all want two things: knowledge about appropriate limits for technology usage and tools to help us set those limits effectively.

In the past, organizations such as the American Academy of Pediatrics have created more parenting angst about technology than was necessary. Because studies are not yet conclusive on exactly how much screen time is best for children, the AAP erred on the side of caution and advised parents that kids two and under should have zero screen time and kids over two should have only one or two hours of screen time per day.

In a world where screens and technology are omnipresent, restrictive guidelines like these were not super helpful or realistic to parents. Rather than empowering parents to harness the amazing gift of technology, they saddled parents with the burden of guilt; no matter what they did, it wasn’t enough.

Kudoso is really happy to report that the AAP is starting to develop a more balanced, realistic, and adaptable policy related to family media use, recently laying out some thoughtful guidelines that address the bigger picture of technology in our lives rather than focusing on arbitrary time limits.

In May of 2015, the AAP invited an elite group of scientists, teachers, pediatricians, and other leaders to the “Growing Up Digital: Media Research Symposium” in Rosemont, Illinois. A report from this symposium was released at the beginning of October. The experts who gathered generated a list of helpful recommendations for parents ( read more here ):

  • Set limits at every age (parents too!).
  • Don’t worry so much about how much media you are consuming as you are about what meaningful interactions, play, and learning the media time may be displacing.
  • Teach digital etiquette (including empathy, safety, and politeness).
  • Use technology together with your child. Teach one another and enjoy it together.
  • Make sure there are times and places in your home where you take a break from technology.
  • Set a good example in your own media usage.

These are all reasonable, healthy boundaries. And a big improvement on the previous guidelines.

But if your family is like most families, you need more than the best of intentions to carry out a comprehensive family media plan like the AAP recommends.

You need a tool that will help you follow through even when you’re tired and tempted to let technology have full rein in your family’s life.

That’s what we at Kudoso care about too: empowering you as a parent to use technology as a helpful tool instead of a source of guilt and conflict. We want to help you “keep tech in check.”

Our Whole Home Solution includes both hardware and software components. Using our unique product, you can set limits for how much screen time is used in your home, filter out content that is not in line with your family’s values, and stay in communication with your child about their technology usage even when you are away from them. No other product on the market will give you a more comprehensive tool to follow through on your goals for media usage in your house. Read more at!

Check back each month and stay connected to the Kudoso community. We will keep you informed about the most important tech influences your kids face on a daily basis, and we will give you lots of real-world tips and tricks to help you keep technology a positive tool in your family.

Written by our friend: Rebecca Miller