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Kudoso Keeps Tech in Check

It has been a busy year for Kudoso. We are so excited to finally be able to fill you in on our crusade to empower parents … a crusade to control technology in a more effective and positive way than has ever been done before!

From a concept that was created by our chief visionary, Rob Irizarry, three years ago to the focused expansion and development of our service by our fearless leader and CEO, Mike Kazmier … Kudoso has been on an amazing journey to get to this point. Each and every step of the way, our Kudoso service has been morphing into a better tool for you, the families we are focused on strengthening throughout this journey.

Kudoso can now:

  • Control screen time in your home on nearly every device from mobile iOS and Android phones and tablets, to consumer electronics like televisions and game consoles, enabling you to automatically shut it off with a click of a button, or automatically when your child’s digital time has run out

  • Reward your child with screen time after they compete their tasks, which means more “do” and less “argue” for you,

  • Provide the best internet content filtering available today, customizable by you, the parent, so your children are only exposed to the content that fits within their maturity level and your family values

  • Kudoso allows you to teach life skills along the way including banking, budgeting and working hard for something you want to earn.

But that is just the start of the capabilities this amazing Whole Home Solution can do for you. Check out our website at for an expanded list of our product capabilities, all of which will empower you to keep tech in check.

So, what exactly is Kudoso? As a Whole Home Solution, Kudoso is made up three key tools, which all work together:

  • Kudoso Hardware includes the Kudoso Gateway: the hardware component that allows you to manage all incoming digital information coming into your home, across all connected devices and the Kudoso Plug: the device that connects your consumer electronics to your Kudoso service

  • Kudoso Software helps manage and control both screen time and content on all computing devices including mobile iOS and Android phones and tablets, Mac OS X and Windows based personal computers. Kudoso Software is the component that allows management of your house’s technology from anywhere and provides you with real-time reporting and control.

  • Kudoso Cloud is the powerful backend systems that link everything together and provide you an incredibly easy and intuitive interface into Kudoso. The Kudoso Cloud also connects our to our powerful real-time content filters and 3rd parties that link in valuable rewards and activities.

We have spoken to hundreds of parents just like you and asked what they need most in a family technology management solution, and we learned that its more than an internet security product, and more than just managing screen time on a mobile device. After listening to their feedback, we accepted the challenge to manage ALL technology in the home and are bringing their wish list to life!

So … when is Kudoso going to be available? Soon! The hardware is on the production line NOW, the mobile app development is almost complete, and we are ramping up to deliver to our first round of beta testers in just a few weeks. Then our product will open to the public for presales purchase with a great LIFETIME discount for all of you, our early supporters.

If you are seeing this E-Newsletter, you are already a Kudoso parent in the know. We will be asking you if you want to be one of the first to see the product in our beta phase, test it out, and tell us both what you love about it and how we can make it fit YOUR NEEDS even better.

Are you as excited as we are to bring this product to market? We hope so!
What we hope you do TODAY is engage with us so you don’t miss out on an opportunity to keep kids safe, focus on family time, control screen time, and reward kids for good choices and a job well done.

From one parent, to a village, to the world… Kudoso is helping families keep tech in check! Be sure to share our Tech tips with those parents your kids spend time with. There is no better compliment than telling another parent that you care about their kid’s safety and that of your own as well.

Be sure to keep an eye on our E-newsletter The Kudoso Konnection, to be one of the first to get access to the only cloud, hardware and software solution on the market as soon as it is launched.