Resources for the Intentional Parent

Helping families manage technology

Kudoso is a platform built for families. Our mission is to help parents control the influence of technology on their children through mutual cooperation with your children and the positive reinforcement of family values and life skills. Technology is all around us and while there are lots of good things different technologies do for us, there are also the potential for some serious damage, especially to our children.

There are 4 primary components to the service, for legs to this table if you will. They are:

  1. Protect & Filter – The first thing parents must do for their family is to protect them. With many children these days having their own always connected devices, it's hard protect them from harmful content 24/7. With Kudoso, you are able to manage what is seen by your children on their devices.
  2. Manage Screen Time – More and more children are growing up in front of screens and as a result are lacking motivation to do more constructive things. With kudoso, you can limit screen time to whatever you deem appropriate for your child. When they've reached their limit the device is disabled. But, what's great is they can earn more time by doing other constructive activities that you the parent choose for them.
  3. Teach Life Skills – Life skills are so important to raising children to be great adults. Kudoso enables you to teach these skills through a commission based system by earning "kudos". Kudos are earned by completing daily tasks or special content from one of our connected partners. What they do and when is for you to decide. When they've earned "kudos" they can then trade them in for more screen time or, if you want, as way to earn money around the house.
  4. Fun & Rewards – The last leg to this table, is rewards. Children thrive when a goal is set in front of them. When they achieve these goals they feel a sense of pride in accomplishment and build self confidence. One of those rewards can be more screen time but more importantly Kudoso allows you to make those rewards whatever best fits your parenting style.

No matter what your family dynamic is, Kudoso can be customized fit to you and your style. Kudoso has been designed from the ground up to protect your family, limit screen time, teach life skills and reward hard work and good behavior. Learn more about Kudoso today at