Resources for the Intentional Parent

Black Friday Shopping List… for the Intentional Parent

With Black Friday right around the corner…we at Kudoso want to take the time to encourage you invest in what is most important: your family. So here are our Black Friday (and holiday season) must haves, from our families to yours…

Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays to all of our Kudoso families!

  • Board Games! Extinct? Well, they are getting close, but think back to the days of playing board games with your family and friends and how much laughing you did, and how it grew your competitive spirit in a social way. Such amazing qualities that so many of today’s kids are out of touch with. So go ahead and teach them the art of board games…they will love you for it once the games begin! Mike and his family love to play The Settlers of Catan!

  • A Family Keepsake. Find something you can make as a family and treasure year after year, maybe even add to it year after year. In Sara’s family, they used to each get to pick one ornament for the tree each year. It was something that was most likely hideous, gaudy and left the color palette in utter shambles, BUT it represented a time and a place that they were at…year after year. So go ahead and find that something that is all you…together. Now is the perfect time to treat yourself to it.

  • Christmas Music. Is there anything that gets you more in the holiday spirit than listening to those cherished tunes that you only get to hear during this most special time of year? Set the mood of your household with your favorite holiday tunes. Nothing says “cheery” like a little jingle bell spirit over the speaker. Even better – get music lessons as a family and really connect!

  • GIVE! Find a less fortunate family, an elderly person who might be alone for the holidays, or a neighbor…ANYONE who you can support and GIVE! Be sure to involve your kids in both the preparation and the delivery of this gift of giving as it is a way to bless someone and spread the holiday spirit. There is something so special about giving and having your kids see the impact of goodness on someone else’s spirit. It makes the holiday so much bigger than presents and lines at the mall and cookies by the fireplace…this is where family values and goodness can start to be second nature. Take the time to give!

  • The gift of YOU. The best “thing” you can give your child this season is YOU! No matter what signals they are giving you, every child wants the attention of their parent…and this time of year, distraction is everywhere. So plan ahead to give your child the gift of YOU…no phone, no tech, no television…just time with you, their hero, for at least 30 minutes a day through their Christmas Break.

  • Your Family Tradition. Do you do Christmas Eve pajamas? What about signing your favorite carols together? Is there a certain food you serve at Christmas or Thanksgiving dinner every year? Maybe you all do something special with the wrapping paper or the method in which gifts are distributed and unwrapped. Those things count. They are the webbing that makes each family unique and, well, a family. So be intentional about your family traditions. You know, snow angels can be made in pajamas on Christmas morning.

  • An experience. Do you ever look back on your childhood and remember that special trip just you and your dad went on? What about cooking cookies with mom in the kitchen? Maybe it was a family day at the ski hill? Or a trip to ice skate on the pond? Memories are made when we are present…so instead of stocking up underneath the tree this year, plan to fill up their cups and create memories. A toy will be in the basement in a bin in a week…but the smile from having a special will last a lifetime. If you don’t have any ideas, email us: and we’ll share some of our favorite Montana adventures with you!

  • Break down a wall. Not literally, but find out what is holding you back from quality family time and treat yourself to something to move that challenge forward. Maybe you hate the snow and find yourself hibernating in the winter? The gift of snowshoes and a drink card to your favorite coffee shop outside of your house would be encouraging to get you out and about with your family this year. Find what is holding you back in the winter or sometime during the year and be intentional about overcoming it now, when you are looking for gift ideas for you too.

  • Get Active. I know, New Year’s resolution is right around the corner but that isn’t why getting active is important. If your kids are driving you a little bonkers on Christmas Break, chances are they need to GET OUT and get active…and hopefully doing it with you will make it not just a chance for a little exercise, but silliness, memories and lots of good mutual endorphins that foster better relationships. Find a way to be active together and start making healthy memories today. Cross country skiing is a great way to see beautiful winter landscapes and get a little exercise in too!

  • Kudoso! You know we saved the most obvious selfless plug for last! If you have ANY technology in your household, and you have kids…Kudoso should be at the top of your list. Kudoso EMPOWERS parents to keep tech in check, to keep your kids content aligned with your family values, to keep the arguments for more video game time at zero and the motivation for chores and completed tasks at an all-time high. It is the best investment you can make in both your kids and in your family. Yes, YOU, busy mom and dad, deserve to have this amazing product!

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