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8 (Really Doable) Baby Steps to a Positive Change in 2016

Raising babies hasn’t always led to our house being the calm, loving oasis I had always dreamed of creating for my family to grow up in. I wish there was less yelling, more loving, and a lot less mess. However, the reality of raising littles is, for most of us, a little daunting.

Thinking of making changes in the new year can be stressful and overwhelming in and of itself; add the reality of kiddos into the mix and it becomes even more of an unwieldy project. Sometimes we make our resolutions too massive, setting ourselves up for failure before we even begin. Sometimes we need to focus on the little things and the way those tiny bits of effort can help set the stage for a loving home.

Here are some very doable baby steps that every busy mom or dad can add to help move their mind and home in a more positive direction in 2016:

  1. Greet everyone with a smile … no matter what. Especially those with whom you share a house.

  2. Get outside at least ten minutes a day to “reset.”

  3. Work each day to make each child smile because of something you did or said.

  4. Surprise your significant other.

  5. Make time for friends; they make everything better.

  6. Send a thank-you note to someone who doesn’t expect it.

  7. Hug a pet, even if it isn’t yours.

  8. Choose one place of your house that you can keep perfect; even if the rest of your house is a mess, you will always have “your perfect place” to retreat to.

Creating opportunities for positive family interaction is a core value of Kudoso, allowing change to happen and relationships to be built. What other baby steps are you doing to move into your best, more positive tomorrow?

By Sara Stone, Kudoso Kontributor