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Filter the Internet..., Teach Family Values..., Reward Your Kids...

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One Screen Time Limit.
Many Devices.

Kudoso lets you set screen time for each child that is enforced across all devices like phones, tablets, computers. And, it works with game consoles, TVs and more with the Kudoso Smart Plug!

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Our mission is to help parents control the influence of technology on their children through mutual cooperation and the positive reinforcement of family values and life skills. Check it out!

For Parents...

Easy to Manage
Customize the app to your parenting style for all of your children right from your phone.
One Limit to Rule Them All
Set ONE daily screen time limit for each child and it'll be enforced across all devices.
Unparalleled App Management
Kudoso gives you fine grained control over the apps each child is allowed to use.
Create Task Lists
Quickly assign tasks for each of your children to do daily before they are allowed screen time!
Monitor Websites
Manage and monitor what your kids are viewing online.

For Kids...

Do Tasks / Earn Rewards
When your kids do the tasks you assign them, they earn Kudos, Screen Time, and more!
Exchange Kudos for Real Things
Kids can exchange their kudos for items you agree on, like a cash allowance or purchased items.
Browse the Web Safely
Kids can safely browse the web with Kudoso Safe Browser, launched from the dashboard!
Fun Avatars & Themes
Kids can choose their own avatars/themes allowing them to make Kudoso their own.
Connected Partners
Kahn academy, and FitBit encourage, inspire, motivate, educate and entertain your kids!

How does it Work?

The Kudoso system of software and hardware is crafted to work seamlessly together to provide a complete solution for families. But you choose the pieces you need.

$9.99 Monthly

Want to only manage your kid’s mobile and desktop devices?

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Want to also manage screen time on a game console and TV?

Add a Kudoso Plug

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Want to filter the internet to devices without the Kudoso app?

Add a Kudoso Router

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Kudoso helps families rein in screen time and reconnect with each other!