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Changing the way families
manage technology
Launching Fall 2015
Introducing Kudoso
Our mission is to help parents control the influence of technology on their children through mutual cooperation and the positive reinforcement of family values and life skills.

Control Screen Time
on more devices than ANY other solution: TV, game consoles, phones, tablets & computers
Children Learn
about your family values and life skills through Kudoso and Kudoso Integrations
Reward & Partner
with your children using Kudos: positive motivation just like your parenting
Powerful Reports
let you see what devices, apps & activities your children on spending time on; get notifications if there are problems
Monitor & Filter
the Internet ensuring age-appropriate content throughout your entire home & on mobile devices outside the house
Easy to Use
with setup in under 10 minutes, then manage Kudoso from any device, anywhere, anytime
children to explore new activities and learn through Kudoso Integrations including Khan Academy and FitBit
knowing there are many more features that will change the way your family manages technology!